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Second Wind - "It Lives!" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The "MST3k Lives!" Project

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Second Wind [Jun. 11th, 2006|06:07 pm]
The "MST3k Lives!" Project
After about seven weeks of silence, I think its time to start laying out a solution to the problem. I'm having enough problems finding the movies I need at local video rental stores so I know that many of you will have problems finding them too. Therefore, I'm purchasing videos off of Ebay and other sites to begin the research for the Pilot episode. A script has been written out for the host segments, having mostly to do with the explanation of this new show. If anyone would like to read it, please leave a note on this post, or email me. Make sure you include your address or I won't know where to send it. I know I haven't been on messenger in a while. I have a new AIM, "cornchipdeity", the same as my Yahoo username. My MSN is still deepshades@hotmail.com. Email is still makingsoap@gmail.com.

To do this right, I've been looking over various fanvid How-To sites, and I'm pretty sure that a nation-wide collaboration on this project would be futile. Therefore, I'm starting a small group in my town starting somewhere in mid-July. If you would like to be an active part in the production process, then you will probably need to live pretty close by and have a flexible schedule. Most of you guys have jobs and school and lives, so collaborating in the writer's pool is probably the best that you can offer. So here we go.

Anyone who lives near Lowndes County, Georgia, who can offer up their time and effort for little more than food, housing (sleeping bags in a cramped apartment), and full credit, please contact me saying so.

Anyone who does not live anywhere close to here, or simply does not have this much time on their hands but still wants to be a part of the writing team, please contact me saying you want to be in the writer's pool. This group will review the movies whenever available, and will be expected to attend at least two or three meetings per episode. They will get a say in the matter of story concepts, but most design matters will be under control of the main production crew at homebase.

Anyone who does not live nearby, have any time whatsoever, but still would like to be kept informed of the progress of this project, all you need to do is join this livejournal community. I will set up a system later on that will allow fans of MST3k, fans of our work, or simply nice people with a few extra bucks on hand to support the project in a monetary fashion. However, simply sending us tapes and DVDs of bad movies would also be greatly appreciated. I plan on including an LOTResque page of credits at the end of each episode thanking the people directly responsible for keeping this dream alive.

The plan, again, is to generate a living, working, production team to write, design, film, and distribute a sequel to the hit television series, Mystery Science Theater 3000. A fanvid show, yes, but one that will never end, and one that will be available to anyone on the internet. I'm hoping to use someplace like YouTube to post the episodes, and burn DVDs for people who don't have a fast internet connection or a computer to watch from. No money will be made from DVD sales or anything. Any money recieved will be donation-only, which I hope to reward later on with T-shirts and the like.

I will try to be online as much as possible. Also, I know there are probably a lot of you out there that want very badly to be a part of the main production crew, so I encourage you to start your own. The intellectual property originated from this LJ community belongs to all involved, so please be considerate and give credit where its due.

Anyway, thats all I've got for now.

Oh yes, almost forgot, I ordered The Green Slime (1968) on VHS so I should be recieving it soon. For those of you who aren't familiar with the title, The Green Slime was the first ever film to be made into an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Only a portion of the movie was riffed and made into a thirty-minute dry-run pilot. Sadly enough, no known fan copy exists. Its my hope that this stinkburger will attract fans of the early years and help kick off the show with a good start. However there's always the chance its not the greatest film to riff on and another may be chosen. My hearts still set on it, though. So, anyone out there with plenty of time on their hands, a notepad and a few hours to slaughter, The Green Slime looks like our first candidate for ridicule. Enjoy! And message/note/email me for a copy of the pilot episode host segments script!