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The Meeting II: The Sequel - "It Lives!" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The "MST3k Lives!" Project

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The Meeting II: The Sequel [Apr. 8th, 2006|01:40 am]
The "MST3k Lives!" Project
This evening's meeting went along quite well. Five people showed up, which is good, but I would still like to see more next time. The next meeting will be set for next Friday, April the 14th, and 8pm EST. If anyone has a problem with it, please say something and we can reschedule.

What was discussed tonight ranged from copyright issues to story ideas and plans for filming. Each subject will be summarized as follows.

COPYRIGHT: Its in agreement that if we're not selling a product, we can't be liable for copyright infringment. However, I am going to consult a lawyer friend to make sure this is true.

MOVIES: As it seems some of the more obscure movies are... well, obscure and hard to find, the movies that we will be watching this next week will be The Day the Earth Stood Still, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and the 1980 version of Flash Gordon. We wanted the movies to be well-known, easy to get ahold of, and easily subjectable to a good riffing. The movie to be used for the first episode will be decided upon at the next meeting, after everyones watched the movies.

RIFFING: Many people disagreed on how we should transcribe our jokes for the movies. Some like typing IMs to themselves because of the timestamp option, others want to use tape records, etc. However you like is fine as long as the finished paper has the timestamps on it. There is also the possibility of an audio chat, like Ventrilo to be used so we can all talk by microphone while we watch the movie simultaneously. Then our voices will be recorded with a program like Magix Music Maker 2005. This will be discussed again at the next meeting.

VOICES: Its my belief that during these riffs, people should adopt funny voices that they think might shape the personality of the characters they or the people they write for might portray. Even if you are not going to be in the filming process of this show, I encourage everyone who plans on writing the riffs to try out some funny voices. Just try it out.

THE SHOW: It was believed at first, that we would make this show like some sort of "Lost Episodes" that would take place between seasons two and five with Dr. Forrester, TV's Frank, Joel and the bots. However after talking with the other MSTies, it was decided upon that we take a different approach. This approach is to make the show a sequel to MST3k. New characters allow for new writers to run wild with no worries of trying to imitate perfection.

THE PLOT: This is the story so far. And I apologize for the constant use of the name NewGuy. We've decided not to name our replacement for Joel and Mike, but instead to use the actor's name, when that part is cast.

"Pre-med student Jeffrey Forrester has always wanted to be an evil scientist just like his Uncle Clayton. So after his uncle dies, he takes this chance to take over his work. He knows just who to use for his experiments too. He goes to Gizmonics Institute, down to Deep 13, and launches the newly-repaired Satellite of Love into space, moving the controls for the satellite back home, to his basement apartment at Mom's.

Ed is Jeffrey's friend and assistant who doesn't believe that Jeffrey's sent anyone into space and is convinced its all just a new reality show. He is here to play Jeffrey's nintendo games and eat his mom's bagel bites. He is a big fan of the guys on the Satellite of Love, yet remains oblivious to Jeffrey's obvious grudge against NewGuy.

NewGuy is an average joe who lives next door to Jeffrey. He never really noticed Jeffrey at all, but it seems that at several hundred points in Jeffrey's life, NewGuy has been responsible for some horrible misery, all completely by accident as well. He still remains unaware as to what or when these incidents occurred, but he manages to make do with his current situation by building some robots to help him make fun of the bad movies they watch.

Mrs. F is Jeffrey's mother, who is always checking up on her son to make sure he's getting fed, his clothes are clean, and he remembers to take his constipation medicine."

The reason the personalities of NewGuy and the New Bots have not been thoroughly explained is because we feel it best to wait until the first episode is riffed so we can see how well different characters interact. Once the writers know whats funny and what works, we'll know who our three shadows on the movie screen will be. There will also be a bot to replace Gypsy, however its personality and name will be decided upon in the future. Our first priority is humor, originality is second. Just as Pearl and her minions replaced Dr. Forrester, just as Frank replaced Dr. Earnhardt, just as Mike replaced Joel, these characters are meant to be additional cast members to the legacy of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

THEME SONG: The theme song will be the same, but the lyrics will be changed, as they were so often changed during the show. These lyrics are being written still, however anyone is free to submit their own lyrics for consideration. It must go along with the music and it must accurately describe the story, just like MST3k's intro did. Plans are being made to have Keith's (woodstockhippie) band play the song. They probably will also be the ones that write the music for the songs in the host segments.

TITLE: "MST3k Lives!" Nothing more needs saying.

PROJECT MEMBERS: A survey will be placed up on here by Alaina (speaker) to get everyone's information, how they can be of use, when they are available, etc.

CREDITS: In order to help out those who may need some resume padding in the future, the credits for being on staff at MST3k Lives! are as follows. Anyone whose writing makes it into the finished script will be credited for that episode as "Writer." Anyone whose writing does not make it, but helps anyway will be credited for that episode as "Contributing Writer." Other jobs will be credited duly. Since this project will be a contining series of episodes, we will always be looking for more help. Even if your writing does not end up in the works, you will be kept on staff as an intern for placement as old writers decide to move on to better things. The legacy will live on!

WEBSITE: We will be placing our videos online. Probably going to start on a free site like Blogger or something, then move on to a domain name if things go well. So we will be looking for somebody with website designing expertise.

FILMING: Since everyone seems to live in a different state, we will need to set up a date to meet up for filming. All who can attend are welcome. Those who can't are forgiven. Tyler (beandipvagrant) says he may be able to house us, but as for a place to film, thats still yet to be found. It is my hope that we can do all the filming in a few weeks so we don't take up too much of people's time. It will most likely take place sometime this summer, so start looking to see when you have a buttload of free time. We're going to get everything we can get done ahead of time so that once we make it to the meeting site, all we need done is the filming.

EQUIPMENT: Since we're on a tight budget, I'll be using my crappy $800 camcorder. I'm also looking into buying a projector so that we can shoot the movies with some cardboard cutouts for the seats, which is just how the guys at Best Brains did it. All sets and props will be crew-made and cheap as hell. The designs for the new bots are also in plans right now.


That about conludes all that was discussed at this evening's meeting. More will be discussed next Friday, but please remember-- your homework this week is to try and watch as many of these movies as you can find: The Day the Earth Stood Still, Invasion of the Body Snatchers(B&W version), and Flash Gordon(1980s version). We will be deciding on Friday which of them to use for the first episode.

That about wraps it up!

--- Luke

[User Picture]From: woodstockhippie
2006-04-08 04:43 pm (UTC)
Sounds great man! I'll be sure to try to find the other two films.
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[User Picture]From: cosmosmariner
2006-04-09 03:10 am (UTC)
Hooray! I actually own "The Day the Earth Stood Still" - so that's easy for me!

Unfortunately, I'll be unable to watch any of these films because I am moving this week and everything packed up, including my DVD player and VCR. Also, after this Thursday, I will be offline for at least a week.

I hope to be of service sometime soon.
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